Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grizzly Bear

I was learning to write one idea at a time and to use capital letters and full stop in my narrative. Then I made an animation and I  used screencastify to make a movie I think I did well and I enjoyed it.

                          The Hungry Grizzly Bear      
Once upon a time there was a bear called Grizzly and he was trying to find food. He was going to get it off the campers. No campers were around he tried and tried, trying to find campers. The  campers were not around the forest.  Grizzly looked and looked everywhere around the forest to find them. Grizzly found a river with fish. He walked on the rocks so he can catch some fish. When he was catching fish he caught 2 fish and he caught 5 more, he caught 7 fish. He ate all of the fish and he went to get some more, he caught 5 fish and he caught 5 more, he caught 10 fish. He also found some campers. There were 5 campers and there was 1 more camper. Grizzly found 6 campers, Grizzly finally found 6 campers.But he needs to wait for the campers to go to sleep at night. It was almost night time all the campers fell asleep and grizzly slowly ate the food. The campers heard a loud as big noise but they fell asleep.

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